In Jesus we love, learn, hope, trust and care.

In Jesus we Love, Learn, Hope, Trust and Care


St Dominic’s Catholic Primary school follows the teaching of the Catholic Church in its daily life through the celebration of the liturgy and through following the values taught in the Gospel by:

In Jesus we love, learn, hope, trust and care.

Our Mission Statement aims to:

  • Build a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, through our commitment to raising standards of achievement in every area.
  • Recognise individual differences, raising self-esteem and ensuring equal access to the curriculum.
  • Strive for good relationships between pupils, staff, parents, parishes and the wider community.
  • Recognise the richness of our multicultural community as a source of learning.
  • Show an example in the way we care for, love and respect each other.


John 13:34-35
“The most important command,” Jesus said, “is this:
Love one another;
Just as I have loved you.
By this love you have for one another,
everyone will know that you follow me.”


Social Media Release Form


St. Dominic’s will soon have a fully functional social media account on Instagram. This account will give you opportunities to see what your children are learning in the school day. Children names will never be printed or tagged, and every measure will be taken to safeguard children's identities. Social Media is also a good opportunity for the school to publicise our achievements and recruit sponsors. This form authorises your child to be a part of our social media online presence. Please note all settings are set to - NO comments turned on, NO sharing of content allowed, likes are turned on, but messaging is turned off. Please see this as a wonderful opportunity to stay more connected to the school and your child's learning journey at St. Dominic's.


You can find the release form HERE